July 12 Minutes

On May 10, June 14 and July 12 the members of the Central Missouri Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter met at Broadway Brewery, 816 E. Broadway, Columbia, Missouri from 5-7 pm. Much of the conversation at all three dates revolved around the 84th Grand Chapter in Toronto, Canada. Significant Sig Bob Aulgur, Westminster’76 was the certified delegate representing the Central Missouri Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter. Ben Trachtenberg, Yale ’01 was the alternate delegate. Ben also serves the Sigma Chi International Fraternity as Chairman of the Governing Laws Committee. Most of the business voted on at the 84th Grand Chapter involved Pledge Fees, Initiation Fees and Member Fees. Bob Wilson, Ft Hays’81 was elected as the 73rd Grand Consul.

We had a visitor at our July 12 meeting with a cell phone call from Order of Constantine Sig and Grand Trustee J. B. Allen, Western University ‘79.

The next scheduled meeting will be held on Wednesday August 9

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